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Automotive Market Intelligence

Automotive Market Intelligence Systems providing new vehicle sales information combined with pricing specifications and market segmentation for more than 30 years (Autostats, AutoMSA, GO, SmartMapping, Autoparc).

New Vehicle Sales Analysis: Auto Stats

The Primary platform for the delivery of NAAMSA new vehicle sales statistics including exports of new vehicles from South Africa. The system provides regional new vehicle sales down to vehicle model derivative level, by market and customisable vehicle segments, and licensing district level.

More info www.autostats.co.za
New Vehicle Specifications & Pricing: AutoMSA

The Auto Market Segment Analyser integrates national new vehicle sales volumes by sales channel with detailed and up-to-date vehicle pricing, vehicle specifications and custom segmentations and delivers ready-to-use product management and product planning reports.

More info www.autostats.co.za
Vehicle Benchmarking: WebGo

GO has been developed to assist sales executives on a dealership level with the sales process by delivering fast, accurate and comparable vehicle specifications and comparisons information to customers.

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Automotive Geolocation Analysis: SmartMapping

Demographic data – Overlay the NAAMSA new vehicle sales data with the demographic of South African suburbs in relation to your retail network by exploring data such as Age, Gender and Population groups. Map Statistics neatly summarizes the competitor new vehicle sales activity in and around your business entity by your chosen radius.

More info www.smartmapping.co.za
SA Vehicle Parc Figures

AutoParc provides a wealth of information assisting with parts and distribution planning for dealerships across South Africa. It uses a map based system to determine where specific vehicles parts and new vehicles are required. Our volumes are based on vehicle sales by model within various licencing districts. We provide information over the last 30 years.

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Customer Demographic Analyser: AutoDSA

AutoDSA provides marketing insight into the race, age, gender, income group and location of buyers across South Africa. AutoDSA is updated daily with new information on who is buying vehicles, allowing all interested parties to have an always up-to-date picture of who is purchasing vehicles in South Africa.

More info www.autodsa.co.za
Vehicle Residual Forecasting: AutoRVF

Provides an easy lookup of Future\Residual Values on retail, trade, cost and auction values for both new and used vehicles in South Africa. AutoRVF furthermore incorporates functionality to compare and view vehicle details on a visual graph, an ability to adjust for mileage and condition and the cost and auction values are unique to Lightstone Auto.

More info www.autorvf.lightstoneauto.co.za
 Dealer Performance Evaluation and Forecasting
Dealer Performance Evaluation and Forecasting

AutoForecast is a new vehicle sales report with projections for the next 5 quarters by market (& naamsa segment for Passenger, Light & Medium Commercial vehicles)

Quarterly Auto Forecast PDF Report
Quarterly Auto Forecast PDF Report

Lightstone produces a monthly forecast of Total Industry Volume. Numerous macroeconomic factors and time-series forecasting methodologies are used to determine forecast sales by Licence District at a Body Shape level, for passenger and light commercial markets through the dealer sales channel.


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