Residential Property Information

Lightstone is a leading provider of residential property information. With a vast range of property reports and data-driven services, property professionals choose Lightstone as their property data and insights partner.

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Residential Property Toolkit

A toolkit of comprehensive online reports for Property Professionals needing access to rich data and information about residential properties. Primarily used by Estate Agents, Valuers, Developers and Investors, these reports have been specifically tailored to meet various needs. A variety of subscription options are available.

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Once-off Residential Property Reports

Lightstone Property also offers its wide range of online residential property reports on a "pay per report" basis using a credit card. This is ideal for property owners and buyers or anyone else looking for property information on an irregular or more limited basis.

Property and Address Validation

Ensure that you have the correct street address and legal property description and enhance your property database with Lightstone’s Property and Address Validation system.

Batch Data Cleaning

Do you need to clean up your property databases? Lightstone helps you improve the quality of your property and address data.

Data Supply

If you have unique property data needs, Lightstone can assist. Get access to property information and customised metrics that match your data supply requirements.

Data Hygiene

Lightstone can help you update and standardise your existing customer records, and append information that may have been missing, allowing you to better manage important customer functions without individually updating each record yourself.

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