Automotive Market Intelligence

Automotive Market Intelligence Systems providing new vehicle sales information combined with pricing specifications and market segmentation for more than 30 years (Autostats, AutoMSA, GO, SmartMapping, Autoparc).

Lightstone’s Automotive Market Intelligence systems provide data-driven insight, online market intelligence and new vehicle sales data analysis, combined with pricing specifications and market segmentation – designed to strategically position your business for the future.

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New Vehicle Sales Analysis: AutoStats

This is the primary platform that naamsa new vehicle sales statistics are delivered. It also includes new vehicle exports. This is the leading source for statistical information in the automotive industry.

New Vehicle Specifications & Pricing: AutoMSA

Enhance your competitive advantage with fast, easy and customisable analysis. AutoMSA integrates national new vehicle sales volumes with detailed and current vehicle pricing, specifications and segmentations.

Vehicle Benchmarking: WebGo

For everything a sales executive needs to know about any vehicle. Lightstone’s WebGO provides comparative specifications of competitor models – across new and used markets.

Automotive Geolocation Analysis: SmartMapping

Lightstone spatial mapping data can give you insight into vehicle sales information, dealership location and demographic data. With SmartMapping you can understand competitors’ new vehicle sales activity in and around your location within a selected radius.

SA Vehicle Parc Figures: AutoParc

AutoParc gives you a wealth of information that can assist with parts and distribution planning. We use a map-based system to determine where specific vehicles parts and new vehicles are required, and volumes are based on vehicle sales by model within various licensing districts over the past 30 years – comparable to the NATIS system. With AutoParc you can analyse market potential and determine market penetration at a product level.

Customer Demographic Analyser: AutoDSA

This Demographic Segment Analyser (DSA) gives you insightful daily demographic information and marketing insights about vehicle buyers.

Vehicle Residual Forecasting: AutoRVF

Do you need accurate future or residual valuations? AutoRVF provides insight into the future or residual values on new and used vehicles, with a unique ability to compare up to five vehicles.

Dealer Performance Evaluation and Forecasting

AutoForecast is a new vehicle sales report with projections for the next five quarters by market for Passenger, Light and Medium Commercial vehicles. This report can help you make informed decisions in setting dealer and retail targets.

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