Valuations and Risk Assessment

Using our geo-spatial skills and extensive analytical capabilities Lightstone has developed several systems and tools that help lenders, insurers and property professionals identify precise property locations and features, accurately value property in real-time (valuations are updated monthly) and attach relevant risks associated to each property.

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Automated Valuation Models (AVMs)

Trusted by leading banks, insurers and real estate markets, recognised and reviewed by international rating agencies and bank credit committees – Lightstone AVMs are your first choice for accurate property valuations.

Valuations Systems (EzVal)

Do you want a customisable end-to-end valuation platform? EzVal, backed by Lightstone’s comprehensive property database, enables and equips you to fully manage and optimise your valuation decisions.


Accurately understanding property location enables you to extract more value out of your risk, market potential, client book and portfolio analyses. Lightstone’s geocoder is a sophisticated engine that easily manages large database requests and can provide geocoordinates even where insufficient data is available for an ERF-level geocode.

Portfolio/Bulk Valuations

Organisations needing bulk valuation services for portfolio performance analysis, municipal valuations, insurance value updates and more, choose Lightstone for accurate valuation and revaluation services that are tailored for different sectors.

Credit risk metrics

Reliable credit risk metrics are key in the lending decision-making process. Mortgage lenders choose Lightstone to better understand asset risk based on location and other factors such as property price inflation area behaviours to accurately price mortgage loans.

Insurance risk metrics

Insurers rely on Lightstone for unique indices, metrics and insurance-related datasets. These metrics inform underwriting decisions and enable the accurate pricing of property risk exposure.

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