Property Information

Lightstone’s suite of residential property solutions includes a range of residential property reports within the Property Toolkit, reports for buyers and sellers wanting to make informed decisions, property validation systems and customised data solutions to inform risk metrics.

Property Information

Our strategic expertise, proprietary data and technology provide commercial property intel and analysis information. Solutions include feasibility studies, portfolio evaluation and spatial data solutions – providing insight and helping manage risk.

and Risk Assessment

Lightstone has developed systems and tools that assist lenders and insurers in identifying precise property locations, accurately valuing property and property portfolios in real-time and identifying risks.

Solutions and Insights

Combining our comprehensive data assets, expert analytics and world-class platforms, our business and geospatial solutions provide you with business and location insights. Helping you solve problems, understand customers and location and identify business opportunities.

Residential Property
Residential Property Toolkit

Property professionals, from estate agents, valuers, developers, investors, buyers and sellers subscribe to Property Toolkit to access online residential property intel. Popular reports include property, suburb, estate and residential transfer reports.

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Residential Property Reports
Once-off Residential Property Reports

If you are buying or selling a property, a once-off valuation report gives you an estimate of the current value of the property you have searched, as well as insights around the market price range that the property could sell at. Lightstone’s analytical model, used to predict the valuations is also used by several lenders during the bond application process.

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Lightstone Property News
In the news
Lightstone Property in the news

Lightstone’s property data is trusted by news sources and journalists across South Africa. Visit our press office for the latest property data news and intel.

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House price indices image
House Price Indices

Lightstone's House Price Indices are based on globally accepted statistical principles with broad application in real estate and property finance.

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Property Newsletter
Property Newsletter

Using Lightstone’s range of property datasets and expert analysis we cover a range of topics to keep you in the know with the latest property news and trends.

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