Lightstone’s expert F&I team, Lightstone Risk Management*, provide nationwide dealer compliance services within a regulated environment – supported by the Signio platform.

This cost-effective service allows dealers to process and negotiate the best transaction for their customers directly with banks.

Lightstone Risk Management only gets involved at contractual stage, where we then discuss all FAIS regulated insurance products with your customer. Beyond mitigating risk, an added benefit is that these calls are recorded, ensuring compliance and reducing the amount of paperwork involved.

Why Lightstone F&I Services?
  • Our team of qualified finance and insurance managers mitigate the risk associated with financial transactions.

  • The service ensures a superior customer experience.

  • All compliance is conducted in a call centre environment.
  • Calls are voice logged and stored as proof of compliance on the Signio electronic deal file for easy access and overview by the dealer.
  • Compliance checks and quality control on voice recordings are regularly conducted by outsourced compliance officers.
F&I services

Choose from a range of services to suit your dealership’s needs

Full F&I service

We provide a fully comprehensive service and can manage the finance process from application to pay-out stage. With this service our experienced F&I team will process the transaction through the Signio system, which then allows you to monitor the transaction throughout the entire process.

This service includes:
  • Submitting and processing of applications
  • Finance contract requesting and processing
  • Compliance (VAP & finance contract)
  • Payout

Other service options include:
  • FAIS Compliance which provides regulated VAP compliance only.
  • F&I Relief Services which is available for any length of time for both full F&I and FAIS compliance services.
  • Cash Transaction Compliance Service which provides cash VAP compliance.

*Lightstone Risk Management is a registered financial service provider, FSP46344.

Do you want to subscribe to F&I Services?

Email Lightstone and an expert consultant will be in touch with more information.

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