Vehicle Benchmarking: WebGO

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WebGO brings sales executives at motor dealerships an online central vehicle specifications knowledge hub. This digital platform assists in the sales process by delivering fast, accurate and comparable vehicle specifications and comparisons when interacting with customers.

Why choose WebGO?
  • Save costs on brochures and spec-sheets.
  • Easy to access the latest vehicle model, specification and pricing data.
  • Innovation and convenience with the ability to capture customers’ details instantly and present instant and accurate cost comparisons to customers.
  • Access to management reports that provide information on sales person activity to improve feedback and accuracy of dealership activity.

It’s easy to use


  • Select the vehicle model you want to analyse
  • View and price vehicles based on their factory-fitted options


  • Compare and calculate the total cost of ownership of new vehicles
  • Compare vehicles, list pricing and specifications
  • Compare vehicles of the same brand and competitor brands


  • Email the comparative report to your customer on the spot
  • Print a fully customisable report on the floor for your customer to take home

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