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Buying or selling a vehicle?

Get retail, trade, market and residual values, and understand recent sales performance.

Want to know a vehicle’s details before you price it?

Get insight into the vehicle features at manufacture stage and use the mobile app to access real-time information.

Make informed decisions

Validate, verify and understand everything there is to know about a vehicle.

Lightstone’s mobile app, LIVE, allows you to verify and valuate easily and instantly.
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About LIVE

  • Scan allows you to instantly process contact information, store copies of drivers’ licences for test drives and to pre-populate finance applications.

  • Identify if the car is one you want to trade-in and if the person is someone you want to do business with – in the matter of seconds.

  • Get trade and retail values on current year models, including a comprehensive list of vehicles available in the market.

  • The financed interest information is the most accurate in the market, is sourced in real-time and the process is POPIA compliant.

  • Vehicle verification offers accurate vehicle descriptions, validation of the VIN number, engine number, make, model and type.

Why choose LIVE?

  • Get real-time accurate data.

  • Reduce your risk by understanding the vehicle and person in full.

  • It’s a simple, user-friendly and efficient way to gather and send information.

  • Microdot information helps combat vehicle-related crime.

  • Supports an ethical and transparent purchasing process – giving you peace of mind.
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Lightstone valuations are estimated and based on more than 2.8 million records of bank finalised vehicle retail transactions financed through the Signio system (and other third parties).

Lightstone vehicle values are a guide for dealerships to establish a fair price when a vehicle is retailed, traded, bought into stock or auctioned.

Types of vehicle values:
Estimated value

The average value of a vehicle in the market, including a low and high value for retail trade and cost.

Adjusted value

The kilometre and condition adjusted value of a vehicle.

Vehicle valuations also include:
  • Vehicle details: Brand, model, derivative, etc
  • Trade: Total into-stock cost
  • Auction: A distressed sale value
  • Retail: Retail market value
  • Cost: The price a dealer pays the consumer

Note: factors such as vehicle condition, supply and demand, geographical location as well as other external factors could have an influence on the value of the vehicle.

How do I get a valuation?
Step 1

Step one Login to the Live App or

Step 2

Step two Select LSA Standard – Valuation.

Step 3

Step three Search by the vehicle model, derivative, description and year.

Step 4

Step four Click on the desired vehicle model, derivative and year to view the values report.

Step 5

Step five Click on Adjust for KM and Condition button to view adjusted values. The kilometre and condition adjusted values are then added to the report.


Pricing is based on a bundle option, with additional transactions billed according to the bundle rate per report.

Prices indicated exclude VAT.

Customers who access more than a 100 reports per month can sign up for a custom bundle with special pricing.

Standard monthly verifications
Bundle options

Option 1 5 Reports R 351 pm
Option 2 11 Reports R 744 pm
Option 3 17 Reports R 1089 pm
Option 4 24 Reports R 1486 pm
Option 5 50 Reports R 2971 pm
Option 6 100 Reports R 5644 pm
Out of bundle scans Pro-rata rate for bundle selected
Pay per transaction reports
Standard Verification R78.15 per report
Standard Validation R18.66 per report
Standard Valuation (Passenger, LCV and MCV Vehicles) R402.41 per dealership per month
Driver’s Licence Scan R2.33 per report (Free on Bundle)
EzScore Affluence check R6.50 per report
(New) Repair History report R50.00 per report
(New) Verification with Repair History report Verification fee + R50.00 per report

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