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The Auto Market Segment Analyser (AutoMSA) integrates national new vehicle sales data by sales channel with detailed and up-to-date vehicle pricing, vehicle specifications and custom segmentations and unlocks ready-to-use product management and product planning reports for increased efficiency.

What can I expect from AutoMSA?

Regularly updated data. Fast, uninterrupted and accurate results.
Pricing and specification data of all new vehicles in South Africa.

A range of features
  • Create attractive graphs and reports.
  • Administer, maintain and modify existing reports, vehicle and specification baskets.
  • Compare different vehicle brands and market segments.
  • Easy to analyse findings.

Four easy steps

Step 1

Step one

Select your report.

Step 2

Step two

Define a vehicle basket.

Step 3

Step three

Define your reporting parameters.

Step 4

Step four

Confirm and proceed to results.

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