Lightstone’s Employee Pulse is a short survey designed to give you a snapshot of staff morale and satisfaction.

employee Pulse

Why Employee Pulse?

employee feedback

Get feedback from your employees using SMS or email surveys or a combination of the two to obtain the best possible response rate.


Flexibility to change open-ended question to topics relevant to your business or add custom questions of your own.

trigger surveys

In just a few clicks, schedule employee surveys in advance. Our automated system will trigger regular pulse surveys at your preferred frequency.

Useful feedback

Get feedback that is useful, recurrent and in real-time which allows for immediate action on valuable insights.

track performance

Track performance over time to identify possible changes in employee morale. Benchmark results across various divisions, departments or regions.

How does it work?

Step 1
Step 1

An automated survey is sent to employees at a regular interval, asking them to rate their week or month.

Step 2
Step 2

Results are available immediately through an online dashboard which you can share with your employees.

Step 3
Step 3

You can review and analyse the results to respond to employee concerns.

Benefits of Employee Pulse

Safe Space

Safe Space
- Anonymous surveys provide a safe space for employees to share their honest feedback.

immediate data

Immediate data
- Pulse surveys provide immediate data that managers can use to improve specific areas of operations.

Shareable report

Shareable report promotes transparency
- The shareable report promotes transparency and makes employees feel like they are part of the process – contributing to a more engaged workforce.

invaluable insights

Uncover invaluable insights
- With a commitment to continuous feedback collection, management can uncover invaluable insights through employee experience trends.

Motivate employees

Motivate employees
- Pulse surveys are a great way to motivate employees to share suggestions and make recommendations for improvements.


Please note that you get a monthly SMS credits top-up (in addition to the 200 Empower credits) which is equal to the higher end of your employee bracket size. You are not limited on email distribution numbers.

Number of employees Price (VAT Incl)
Up to 100 R995,00
101 to 200 R1 500,00
201 to 300 R2 100,00
301 to 400 R2 600,00
401 to 500 R3 000,00
501 to 600 R3 500,00
601 to 700 R3 800,00
701 to 800 R4 100,00
801 to 900 R4 500,00
901 to 1000 R4 700,00
1001 to 1500 R6 700,00
1501 to 2000 R8 500,00
2001 to 2500 R10 200,00
2501 to 3000 R11 800,00
3001 to 3500 R13 300,00
3501 to 4000 R14 700,00

Get started

Step 1
Step 1

Sign up to MyEcho Empower

Step 2
Step 2

Make payment

Step 3
Step 3

Register for the Employee Pulse programme

Step 4
Step 4

Indicate your number of employees

Step 5
Step 5

Start sending surveys

Do you want to know more about Employee Pulse ?

Email Lightstone and an expert consultant will be in touch with more information.

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