Survey Software and DIY Programmes

Lightstone’s MyEcho is a powerful, easy-to-use survey software for the collection of customer, employee and partner feedback and other online surveys and forms. From simple once-off surveys to tailored self-managed solutions that make it easier for you to enhance your customer experience.

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MyEcho allows for easy integration with any tool or application, which enables you to send automated surveys to your customers or partners at various touchpoints.

Dealer PreCSI

A specific workflow designed to help dealerships contact all clients to identify negative customer experiences and to ensure that a recovery process is in place to rectify problem areas immediately. This occurs before the 'official' CSI measurement.

Employee Pulse

Lightstone’s Employee Pulse survey is an automated survey and online reporting tool that gathers anonymous feedback across multiple channels from your most valuable asset – your people. It offers real-time data on engagement giving you the intel to proactively improve employee satisfaction.

Broker TCF (Treat Customers Fairly)

Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) is a regulatory requirement. Lightstone makes it easier by empowering insurers and brokers through its customer experience engagement tool, Broker TCF. This short survey provides real-time insight from clients on their interactions with you around new business queries, claims, renewals, endorsements and cancellations.

Enlightened Leaders

An organisational tool that helps leaders find out what matters most to the people they interact with (from direct reports and peers to direct boss or other superiors) versus how they measure up to it.

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