Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards

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At Lightstone Auto we believe in the critical role of F&I Managers in ensuring dealer profitability. We also believe that dedication shouldn't go unnoticed and are proud to launch the first-of-its kind incentive programme for F&I Managers – the Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards. Through the programme Lightstone Auto aims to reward high-achievers while driving digital adoption among F&I Managers.
F&I Awards

About the incentive programme

F&I Managers are linked to their dealers, who are segmented based on average monthly sales volume during the preceding 1 March – 28 February.

Categories are segmented as follows:

Category Sales volume: lower ranking Sales volume: upper ranking
Topaz 0.1 3.99
Emerald 4 15.57
Sapphire 15.58 29.58
Amethyst 29.59 54.67
Ruby >54.68

F&I Managers will be competing in their allocated category and excellence achieved will be measured against the following star focus areas:

  1. Value Added Products (VAPS) Penetration:
    • Number of VAPS sold and concluded on Signio (manual policies sold will not be taken into account) per transactions done on Signio.
    • This is calculated and indicated as a percentage.
  2. Insurance Leads sent:
    • Number of insurance leads sent, using the Signio system, per transaction done on Signio.
    • This is calculated and indicated as a percentage
  3. KYC functionality of Signio:

    • Number of transactions where the KYC functionality was used as a percentage of the number of transactions done on Signio.
  4. Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) surveys:
    • Number of surveys completed as a percentage of the number of surveys available.
    • Surveys to be made available quarterly
  5. Digital Signing Solution (DSS) on Signio
    • The number of transactions signed using DSS as a percentage of the total number of transactions concluded on Signio.

By achieving the best total score, F&I Managers across South Africa can qualify for exciting rewards.

Note: For more details about the focus areas being measured, view the competition rules and refer to Annexure A for the competition targets.

How to track your progress

F&I Managers can participate using the dashboard found in the My Profile section on Signio. The dashboard will give F&I Managers a view of the scores achieved under each star in the different objectives, as well as a total overall score achieved.

Quarterly and annual rewards

  • Recognition and profiling of top performing F&I Managers on Lightstone’s social media channels.
  • Certificates of recognition for the top performers.
  • A prize to the value of up to R5,000 for the quarterly winners of each category.
  • The overall runner-up per category over a 12-month period will receive a prize to the value of up to R8,000.
  • The winner per category over a 12-month period will receive a prize to the value of up to R30,000.

Register today

If your dealership had an average monthly sale of 1 unit or more during the period 1 March – 28 February, you will be eligible to win a prize, but all F&I Managers are welcome to register for the programme.

You can register in your My Profile on Signio, by following the easy steps as set out in the competition rules.

To find out more about the Lightstone Star Reacher F&I Awards, full details on rewards and how to enter in the competition rules.

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