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Getting to know POPI: Definitions

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Personal Information

This covers a very broad spectrum of information, such as a person’s race, gender, age, medical history, employment history, address and various other classes of information.

The definition also includes a person’s biometric information (eg: fingerprints) as well as private correspondence and opinions of an individual.

Aggregated information or any personal information that has been anonymised (or de-identified without the chance of re-identifying it) does not constitute Personal Information under POPIA.

POPIA also covers ‘juristic persons’ or companies, which is not common in Data Privacy laws in other countries.



Processing refers to the handling of data in any which way, including:

  • collection
  • storage
  • usage
  • deletion
  • sharing
  • changing

Direct Marketing

When you approach a Data Subject, either in person, via email or another form of electronic communication, for the direct or indirect purpose of:

  1. promoting or offering to supply, in the ordinary course of business, any goods or services
  2. requesting the Data Subject to make a donation of any kind for any reason.

Unsolicited Direct Marketing

When you contact somebody without them seeking that contact, in order to sell them a product or service, ie marketing your services to that person, who has not asked for those services.

Electronic Communication

POPIA specifically regulates Direct Marketing by means of electronic communication. This is any text, voice, sound or image message sent over an electronic communications network which is stored in the network or in the recipient’s terminal equipment until it is collected by the recipient.

POPIA Documents

For ease of use, here are some of the documents referred to in the information prepared to support our Estate Agent and Automotive Industry clients. Please click on the links below.

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